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Aug, 2021

PHLL General Membership Meeting/Vote/Notice

Due to the unprecedented circumstances presented by the coronavirus pandemic, Little League International has authorized local leagues to hold their annual election digitally. Our Annual Meeting is being completed through General Membership email, posted information on the PHLL website, and collection of general member votes via Google Forms using the League's G-Suite platform.

Thank you to the the following people (30) have been admitted to the 2021-2022 PHLL Regular membership roll (per PHLL Constitution requirements).  They have been emailed instructions for the annual 2021-2022 General Membership meeting to the email on file with the league. General Member comment and voting period ends on 8/21/2021 at 11:59pm.

Dan Aaron

Matthew Frizzle



David Aaron

Davie Gill


Julie Aaron

Garry Hall


Joshua Baker

Sam Harp


Robert Bishop

Matthew Iannuzzi


Brien Bourbeau

Lisa Kaiser


Justin Boyd

John Kloster


Shane Bozeat

Jeff Kniffin


Tim Brightman

Kristen Kniffin


Andrea Burgess

Jennifer Lich


Chris Burke

Phill Matthews


David Aaron

Guinevere Motl


Julie Aaron

Mark Motl


Robert Bishop

Brian Myrback


Brien Bourbeau

Danielle Parker


Shane Bozeat

Dimitri Porter


Tyson Conrad

Shawn Porter


Alan Correira

Debbie Runnels


Trisha Dorsett

Justin Welan




Brian Farrell


Christ Fasting


Mike Fraser



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