Palm Harbor Little League Palm Harbor, FL

PHLL League Boundary Lines

PHLL offered Baseball and Softball programs for youths between the ages of five and eighteen years of age, who reside within and/or attend a school in the league's boundaries, set forth by Little League International.  Players who reside within either group of boundary lines below are eligible to participate in our league.

Palm Harbor Little League's Boundary Lines:

  Boundary Line  Resident who live West of US Highway 19                           
North Bee Pond Rd at Alt 19 to Lake Tarpon Blvd at US Hwy 19
South Orange St./Pinellas Trail Overpass at Alt 19 to CR 39 at US Hwy 19
East US Highway 19
West Gulf of Mexico

  Boundary Line       Residents who live East of US Highway 19      
NorthKlosterman Road
South Tampa Road
East Lake Tarpon
West US Highway 19

Please visit LLI by clicking on the "League Finder" link at the bottom of this page to confirm your player(s) boundary eligibility.

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